Israel (il)

The Wikipedia entry Biometric Databese Law deals with the Israeli law that might soon force all citizens to submit their biometric information (2 fingerprints and a biometric facial photo) to a database.

You can read more about it here.

Biometric passport: Pending inclusion in biometric database

According to Wikipedia, citizens of Israel can/must have biometric passports [doesn't imply retaining biometric information].

Having said that, citizens who refuse to volunteer for the biometric database pilot are forced to issue an easy to forge paper passport, and are charged a fee of ??? (which is waived for those who volunteer)[citation needed].

Biometric passport data retention

Accroding to the US Library of Congress, biometric data collected for production of passports is also retained and may be used by law enforcement agencies in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, France, Israel, New Zealand, Ukraine, and the USA.

This may — of course — gradually create creeping de-facto databases of a large part of the population (citizens who travel).

This practice is prohibited by law in Germany, Sweden, and South Korea.

National ID card: Compulsory

According to wikipedia, Israel has a compulsory identity card.

To do: document agron etc.

National Biometric database: Not compulsory

According to wikipedia, Gambia and Iraq seem to have compulsory biometric databases for all citizens (This is only a partial list. For example: Pakistan isn't mentioned). In India it is not compulsory, and in Israel — it's considered to be at a "pilot" stage, so citizens can still refuse to submit their biometric data.